Burning Of The Barrel

The burning of the barrel is a must do event for families, friends and colleagues with Glandore Estate Wines. It forms part of the Hunter Valley Wine & Food Festival and in 2019 we had an absolute ball of fun celebrating with those near and dear to us with quality wine, beer and with plenty of tasty foods ranging from cheese to sausages, beef, vegetables, paella and more. Food connoisseurs will love trying new flavours and the customer service of the teams that support the event with their produce.

If you are an enthusiast of travel, wine, food and music, then this event is sure to be on your bucket list. As real estate agents, we like to support Australian grown farmers, wine cultivators, breweries, distilleries, restaurants, cafes and more. The Hunter Valley forms an essential part of our Australian wine heritage and really is a beautiful location.

As you eat the cheese board, take a sip of Cabernet Sauvignon and the cold temperatures coat your skin with the warmth of the fire, imagine looking at the stars and just switching off. Moments like these make you reflect on what makes you happy in life and during the COVID-19 situation, we have done some reflecting whilst working extremely hard. As property experts, we love to stay connected and in communication with our network. So, recommendations like Glandore Estate and Burning Of The Barrel come from the heart.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic the 2020 event is on hold and whether it will go ahead is up in the air. We must wait for an announcement. If you are not able to make it this year or the event is re-scheduled, do look forward to 2021 where you can enjoy a unique atmosphere and country vibe. As a side note, Glandore is known for their winemaking style which is hands on and operated with high quality to ensure that the small batch production is from the very best parcels of fruit. We admire their energy to their craft and all that makes up the estate. If you are ever in the region, be sure to drop by to see the crew at the cellar door. Your taste buds will thank you! We highly recommend the Tempranillo.

One last note, do take an air balloon ride if you are in the area as it is the icing on the cake. The view of the Hunter Valley from the skies is remarkable and something worthwhile to experience first-hand with just your eyes and visual memory. You will learn more about the region from above. Start with a coffee or glass of champagne and take in the scenery, native wildlife and skill from those who pilot these giant balloons.

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Hunter Valley – Burning Of The Barrel

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