Patrick and Myanna Wedes Belle Property St George Team Auction Video Montage

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You need to showcase a team at work whenever you can these days to show the public what we are doing so you all have more trust in us and our process.

Myanna Wedes is an astute young woman in residential property, an admitted lawyer and licensed to Class 2 in NSW through the NSW Office Of Fair Trading.

Myanna is the key to our team success and all of the team across our three  St George Belle Property offices.

Patrick Wedes is now at the top of his real estate life now listed in the national top 80 agents in Belle Property Australia.

Belle Property has 140 offices nationwide with 520 agents across Associate to Class 2 and Class 1 accreditations.

Patrick has extensive Malaysian business trading experience over 20 years, also European and UK B2B since 1989.

Chris Scerri and his team at Scerri Auctions – look no further, actually if you prefer to look and not book Chris that’s ok so we never miss having him auction our homes for our clients.

I am joking, as you may well see doing your own research, Chris Scerri is leading the NSW Auctioneers with no doubt. He covers with his team from Lake Macquarie to Wollongong and all in between.

Chris features in this video at 71 West St South Hurstville with Patrick and Myanna as does Paul Crawford at 144 Patrick St Hurstville, one of Chris Scerri’s elite team members.

Three key elements to a very successful group of Belle Property offices who as a father and daughter team are always driven to perfection.

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