Patrick, Myanna, Michael, Chris List-Market-Sell 71 West St South Hurstville

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This property at 71 West St South Hurstville was built by a proud Italian gentleman 34 years ago.

Love and quality in construction and design took please here where time set the date to be sold to assist the owner at his current new residence in Brighton le sands.

The entire family all worked to prepare a superb property for the next owner.

We managed to meet 168 buyers in groups of 3 to inspect this home.

We had 44 interested buyers registered over the 4 week campaign.

There were 72 Contracts issued on the property.

On the Auction day we had 22 registered to bid, they were lining up in single file in the hallway to the front door, patiently waiting to register.

Final sale price was $1,960,000. Please have a look at our team video of that day.

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